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September 3, 2010

How do I title this?  How bout…”I haven’t died, I just haven’t updated in 2 months”  or “I had to reset my password because it was so long since this was updated”  or “tap, tap, is this thing on?”
But, I digress.

Be prepared for a ginormous post complete with random photos from the last two months and even less exciting stories.  I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I promise you this….I will just run with it and go.  Be it good, or bad….it will be, what it is.

And with that….here we go!

So, since the end of June here is what has been happening in my life…

At the beginning of July, we celebrated my bff Grace ‘s 50th birthday. Now before I begin…let me just say this….Grace is gorgeous!  She doesn’t look 50 AT. ALL., she is kind and generous….but, she is a thief.  That’s right, I said it….she is a THIEF!  Do you remember the earlier post with the pear?  Yeah, THAT is what Grace stole from Nancy’s house and blamed it on ME! ugh…the nerve!  It has now become the flickr birthday gag gift…pictured here is Grace and the stolen gem.  Oh yeah, and Grace likes to lick things….(have NO idea where she gets that, I mean..GROSS! I have N.E.V.E.R done anything like that.

Ha, you know I am only kidding….I have licked things.  But only because Grace MADE me, just like she made me steal the pear.  Here are a few others from her birthday….

Love me some Lucien and Beth! And apparently, I don’t know how to spell my name….(c) josete myrick.  I am sure this won’t be the last time this happens…

And even though it was a birthday party for a woman celebrating 50 years on this earth….we still act like juveniles.

Now, on to my favorite holiday of the year.  4th of July!  We celebrated as we have done in the past 5 years….at my Goddaughter’s TNT’s house.   Now, as most of you know…I have a bazillion pics of TNT.  Since she is older, she has been less accommodating…I have learned when to pick my battles….However, there are certain times where I will ALWAYS get a photo of her….one such holiday is 4th of July…so far….I am 5 for 5.

Funny story…as I call her over to take her picture, she sighed and groaned that she didn’t want me to take her picture, I told her to buck it up and smile.  When she sat down, I noticed she had ketchup on her face….right away she offered to run in the house to clean if off….Now, knowing her all too well…I knew she would run in the house and disappear…I was on to her and said…”Nope, sit down…I will just photoshop it out.”  Her bff asked her “what is photoshop?”  She rolled her eyes sooooo dramatically and said… “I don’t know, something she does with her camera…”  she then looked to me, held up 2 fingers and said “2 pictures, and then that’s it”   She is 5, but she is tough.

We enjoyed good food, great drinks, a plethora of fireworks….a great 4th of July indeed.  Oh and speaking of BFF’s, here is Katie and Cal….they are like this generation’s Thelma and Louise.

The weeks following 4th of July, I was chatting with my BFF Eddy He had been promising to come visit and have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?  ——->enter Eddy.  He LOVES to tease me and say he is coming, finally I got him to commit and he only had 3 requests…

1.  He needed someone to pick him up from airport.   Check.

2.  He needed a place to stay.  Check

3.  And he wanted to eat a “fuckton” of green chili.  Check and mark.

So many stories from that weekend….too many to tell here, and most not suitable for print.  Let’s just say…..we ate a fuckton of green chili, we took a ton of pics (that I still need to edit) and we laughed so hard that many tears were shed.  Here are a few from the shenanigans of that weekend….oh, and I violated an old woman’s home by using her bathroom as she slept….(Sorry Nina)

Looking at these pics makes me miss my friend all over again…and also miss Ben (man in  orange shirt and his girl Nina….really really really sorry about your Grandmother)  …lucky for me, Ben and Nina’s family is based here and Eddy re-canted his threat on never visiting again.  I ❤ my friends.

During this weekend, another monumental day happened…Miss TNT graduated from pre-K….which is MAJOR! (anything she does is major to me)  Pictured here is TNT with her Great-Great Grandmother….There is 82 years between these gals, and  my love for them is immeasurable.

Another event happened during this weekend….yeah, it was THAT busy…it was the Annual Aceves Branding Fiesta.  Scott looks forward to this every year….but we had company,  but problem…Eddy is a vegetarian….so, instead he went hiking the La Luz trail.

Scott and I are very fortunate…we have our families, and we also have the “Knights of Columbus” family.   People in the K of C family have been a part of my entire life.  They are life long friends of my parents, some from their high school days.  I love my K of C family so much and are so grateful for them.  I didn’t take too many pics that day, 1.  it was raining, and 2.  I needed to rest! lol

And thus ended July.

Enter August….This month, I celebrated my 41st birthday…not as elaborate as last year’s 40th birthday, but still nice.

You know what one of the greatest compliments I can receive is?  To have on of my fellow photographer friends as me to take their family portraits.  When Amy and Drew contacted me and asked Marc and I to photograph their family, I was honored.  Amy is a massage therapist and Drew is a pastry chef at a high end restaurant here in Abq.  Oh, p.s…..Drew, I am out of  lavender ice cream, just sayin’.  The family photos were of Drew and his brother  Mark, and their spouses Nancy and Amy…along with Mark and Drew’s Mom, Mom.  You see, I forgot her name….but that is ok, I can call her Mom because she and I share the same birthday. =)

Above, Amy and Drew…

Below, Mark and Nancy….and Mark and Nancy’s shoes. =)

At the end of August, Marc and I also collaborated on another photo shoot.  We were asked to photograph engagement photos of Devin and Joe.  I had photographed Joe and his family 2 years ago for their holiday card and was excited to meet his new fiancee…..can you say GORGEOUS?!?!? She is stunningly beautiful and equally nice!  Joe, who is not used to having his photo taken, grinned and beared it for the hour we were there, and I must say….I am happy with the results, I hope they are too.

ok…now, I REALLY tried hard to include all of the events in chronological order, but I screwed up…..don’t be surprised, I knew I would.

The week after Eddy left, I was still resting….when I saw my bff  Nancy post on FB that she was going on a road trip and if anyone wanted to come.  I immediately called her and said ME ! ME ! ME! I didn’t care where we went, I just wanted to hang out with her.  She is THAT cool.  Turns out we went to see something that amazed both of us…something so magical and awesome that words can’t describe…we went to the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument . This place is so amazing…we were speechless. I vow to go back again and again…

My dear friend, if ever you want to go on another adventure, I will be the Rhoda to your Mary.

And last but not least….remember how I said that I at certain times in TNT’s life, I would always be there to take her picture?  Well, Miss Thing started kindergarten,  I wasn’t going to go, at first, I knew she would be nervous and I was afraid I would cry and make it worse…but as the morning came, I knew that I only had this one shot of her first day of kindergarten….so, I ran over and got this literally as they were walking out the door…..I *really* hope she attends college in State….

Note to self….update blog more often.




June 30, 2010

Ask anyone who takes photos (still having a hard time calling myself “photographer”) what the most important tool is to have.  They might reply with,

1.  A nice camera

2.  Good lenses

3.  Ideal shooting conditions (light etc..)

But what is the most important tool for me?  That would be vision.  Plain and simple.  I figure with good vision, the rest is easy peasy.  Lately I have been going through some struggles with my vision.  You see, I am nearly blind….I joke that the next time I go to the eye doctor, they are going to give me either a cane or a seeing eye dog.  I am THAT blind.

Now, I don’t know if it is the cause of genes, but when I was little….I wanted glasses sooo bad.  I would tell my parents that I couldn’t see the tv and asked if I could use my Dad’s glasses so I could see if that was better.  It wasn’t, but I didn’t dare tell them that….I reaaaallllyyyy wanted to wear glasses.  Now, I don’t think my parents allowed me to wear my Dad’s glasses so many times that it turned my vision, but this is something I remember doing at least once.  So, when I was in 5th grade, I got my wish….and so, my glasses wearing self was happy.  So happy, that I got frames that matched my Dad’s, yes I got boy looking frames.   I was a nerd.

(my 5th grade photo)

As I entered my middle school years, a few things changed….(one being I filled out that red dress) and mostly, my vision changed and I no longer wanted to sport the boyish looking frames.  I think it was during my 8th grade year that my Mom felt I was responsible enough to get soft contact lenses.  I was freaking THRILLED!!!  I still remember walking into Dr. Sandoval’s office (no relation to my Mother’s family) and getting the exam, I was sooo nervous as he inserted the lenses into my eye.  I had never had anything in my eye and I was terrified!  What if I wouldn’t be able to remove the contact lens?  It was scary times, let me tell you.  So, as my anxiety was wearing high, it was immediately diminished when I walked outside and for the first time in years, I could see without bulky glasses.  I think I even hugged the Dr, which was a treat for him because I had breasts.

Now, because I am not an athlete, contacts have served me well over the years.  Minus, my senior year in high school when I napped with my lenses and upon removing them, made an ulcer in my cornea….my mother was NOT thrilled having to take me to the Dr. everyday for him to examine it, and even less thrilled when I had to go on Christmas Eve Day so he can check it before he left for vacation…but alas, contacts have served me well.

———> present day.

Contact lenses are no longer my friend.  Due to age and a change in prescription, I now have astigmatism .  The doctor recommended that I switch to glasses only, I kindly said “hell no” and opted for plan B. And plan B is rigid gas permables.  And let me just say Day 3 into Plan B is on my big nerve.  I know there is an adjustment period for them, but I am having such a hard time….my eyes are horribly dry and irritated all. the. time.    So much that today, I was in tears…which was nice, because my eyes finally got some moisture.  I might need to mention, that last fall, I developed blood vessels growing on my cornea which is another reason why soft contact lenses are no longer a solution.

So… make a long story short, I am going to will myself into wearing hard contact lenses and really try to make them work.  I don’t like wearing glasses, big breasts or not, glasses suck.

One last thing, lasik surgery is not an option this year….perhaps next year.

Happy Birthday Anto

June 24, 2010

I hope my favorite cousin has a fabulous birthday!

Love you!

carole and jason

June 22, 2010

You’ve seen them before, you know….the commercials that show an incredibly gorgeous couple talking about their first date.  You know the one, that lead to the second date, then the third….until the stunningly beautiful couple get married and live happily ever after.  When I first saw those commercials I thought…”Yeah, right! they hired some hot actors and had them hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes and filmed a short commercial so that average people would race to their computers and sign up for their services”  Never thought that true love could be found that way, I mean….I met my husband the old fashioned way, in a country western bar.

Well that is how I USED to feel until I witnessed Carole and Jason’s story.  You see, they met on one of those websites.  They went on that first date, which led to the second, which led to them falling in love and getting married.  And so my theory about the whole online dating scene was completely blown away….oh, and yeah….they are totally gorgeous too!  So if you are in the dating scene, give those websites a chance….you never know….you just might find the one.

Now just as the wedding before, my friend Marc and I were honored to photograph their wedding.  Marc and I had both known Carole from Flickr and had met Jason on a couple of occasions….we knew that this would be easy.  Two laid back people who were head over heels in love with each other, I mean….it doesn’t get any better than that!  Carole and Jason were married in Santa Fe, NM at the historic Bishop’s Lodge together with their children, family, and close friends.  The weather had been cold and windy leading up to the big day, but lucky for everyone, the weather turned out to be perfect.

Now, one of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding is the time I spend with the bride as they get ready.  This is a time where they are both anxious, excited, nervous, and happy….and just for a little while, I get to witness these emotions all by myself.  Plus, I think there is something sexy about a woman putting on make-up, call me crazy.

Now on to the photos!

How flippin gorgeous is she?!?!? Oh, I must mention, she and I share the same birthday!  I am a year older, but we blew out candles on the same day since I was 2 and she was 1.

Another thing about Carole and Jason that totally knocks my socks off?  He has a son and a daughter, she has a son and a daughter and instantly the growing family would emerge into one.  The kids totally hit it off, the girls who are 3 weeks apart suddenly became bff’s and as a witness, they totally love each other and take care of each other.  Couldn’t ask for a more perfect union.

Mr. S, so sweet and the oldest of the children….he is wise beyond his years and has an old soul.  He is so good with his younger siblings and takes care of them.

Miss M and Miss V….can you just tell they are going to be best friends FOREVER! How lucky are they, the entire day they held hands and were never apart.

And finally Master B, so sweet and adorable.  He is the lucky one, he has 3 older siblings to look after him.  I remember hearing the girls asking where he was and someone said “I think he is with Mr. S” and I thought to myself, “I bet this will be the way it is for the rest of his life”  I think that is totally cool.

Now on to the stunning bride and groom.  They are so beautiful they should be models, just sayin’

Carole during the vows….I love how she looks at him, with so much love oozing out, it’s ridiculous!

And Jason here with his Hollywood good looks. He reminds me of a young James Gardner

Now the stuff that melts butter!

Having no idea what was whispered here, but I can only guess it was STEAMY!  The cool thing about this photo?  This is my angle, Marc got the angle to the right, and Jason’s father who is also a photographer got the shot to the left.  Can you say Paparazzi?!?!

Carole being goofy and silly in love and smooching on her hubby. =)

Seriously?! HAWT!!

There are so many photos that I could have picked for this blog entry, it was really hard to narrow them down.  In fact, one of the services we offer is a slideshow of your photos set to music of your choice.  I asked Carole and Jason if I could pick the music because as I was editing the photos, I felt the slideshow come to life in my head.  It reminded me of a movie, and so I used a song from the soundtrack Serendipity.  A song called Northern Sky by Nick Drake.

View the SLIDESHOW here!

Thank you Carole and Jason for allowing Marc and I to share your beautiful day. Love you both to the moon and back!


June 17, 2010

Definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

1. A person who habitually uses small, hot-shoe mountable electronic flashguns (or speedlights), off-camera to enhance the lighting quality of his or her photos. The off-camera flashgun is triggered by the camera using a sync cable or a wireless switch. 2a. More generally anyone who attempts to generate professional quality photographs by using portable, lightweight and (relatively) inexpensive lighting equipment, creatively.

I like to shoot in natural light.  Give me some sun and a subject and I am in the zone….but sometimes, natural light is not an option.  So what is a natural light gal to do?  Hang out with people who are strobists GODS!  That is how I roll…..

But since I own 2 flashes I figured it was high time I experimented.  So….4 batteries, 74 shots, and an hour later…I came up with this.  Not too bad if I say so myself.  The part I am most proud of?  Recreating the same shot with both flashes.  You see, I have 2 different flashes, not sure what the exact differences are (except price) but I do know one has a fuller power than the other. (that sentence makes complete sense….really, it does…..just pretend)  Anyway, as I was saying….I recreated the shot by making a few adjustments and I am happy to report I really used by brain to think it through… thing I know for sure, strobing is a challenge, for me anyway.  BUT! I am bound and determined to figure it out!

Strobist details:

F/16,  1/200 sec,  off camera flash at 1/8 of a power hand held bounced off white cardboard. 

The Prop details:

Nancy’s $6.95 cracked glass pear shaped coffee table ornament, that Grace made me steal.  It will now become the traveling gift.  Grace will get it for her birthday and will have to re-wrap it and re-gift it to the next birthday person, or until Nancy gets it back…whichever comes first.

Evan and Sarah

June 16, 2010

On May 9, 2009 I received a phone call from my friend Evan.  Evan and I had met through a thing called Flickr, we had shot a couple of times together before, but really never chatted on the phone.  He was calling me to ask if I would photograph his wedding that was taking place in exactly 4 weeks.
My response?








Now normally, I wouldn’t have been so unexcited….but not  2 hours earlier, my camera broke.


It seems the mirror bracket had decided to come detached and fell into my hands when I took the lens off.  Oh, and did I mention I was photographing my cousin’s high school graduation?  Yeah, good times.

After I got my thoughts together and came up with a plan (actually, I already had the plan…now I had a reason to execute it)  I happily told Evan, Yes! I would be happy and honored to shoot your wedding!  What was my plan you ask?  Oh yeah, I decided to order another camera as a back up.  I immediately went home, ordered  a new body and sent the broken one to the mother ship.  The thought of not having a camera was too much to handle.

5 days later I got my new camera and 12 days later, my old one all fixed up…..we were in business!

Now having photographed a wedding solo, I knew how hard it can be.  Also, because Evan was also a photographer, I knew I had to put my best into the occasion.  My bff Marc Gutierrez and I had been talking about going into business together. I called Marc and asked if he was available and willing and without hesitation he was on board.  We had not met Sarah at this point, but we both loved Evan and his brother Colin and knew it would be fun.

As the wedding day approaches Evan, Sarah, Marc and I tried our best to get together and discuss what the plan was for the big day.  Unfortunately, there always seemed to be a conflict and we were unsuccessful.  The main reason I wanted to meet before was because I wanted to meet the bride, I felt it would be easier if everyone knew each other before the big day.  Alas, it was not meant to be.   Luckily,  Evan trusted Marc and I and had no worries, we would just meet her on the big day.

Cue Saturday June 6th…..the big day!

Marc and I arrive at Sarah’s parent’s house where the wedding was taking place and as soon as we walk in and meet Sarah, she greeted us with the warmest hug and biggest smile I have ever seen.  I knew then, we had this in the bag!  Sarah was radiating happiness,….I mean every bride is happy on their wedding day, but Sarah was  positively glowing!  She and her bff were getting the house ready, drinking mimosas,  and were just overall relaxed.  Just to tell you how sweet Sarah is, when people would show up, she said to everyone…”You look so pretty!” or “Look how nice you look!”  She made it a point to tell e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e that they looked nice…..and she said it with her whole heart.  I never forgot that.

Now as the groom and his brother were arriving, Marc and I were upstairs photographing the dress, we were looking over the balcony and saying hi, when  I think Marc or I were in mid sentence and Evan interrupted us and said…..”Can I go up and hug you guys?”  Seriously!?! THAT is how awesome Evan is.

The rest of the day was full of love, and I think Marc and I felt more like guests than actually doing a job.  The guests were close family and friends and I must say if I didn’t cry at least 4 or 5 times, I would be lying.

Thank you Evan and Sarah for allowing Marc and I to be a witness to your wonderful journey as husband and wife.

Here are just a few of my faves….

This was taken minutes before the ceremony began…..Sarah taking a moment of quiet time.

I had seen this shot done before….I wanted Evan and Sarah to be shielded by a door and photograph them, they could only see me.  As soon as this was shot, Evan got on one knee and kissed her hand…..That makes me tear up even today.

Sarah’s bouquet was so simple and beautiful….just a bunch of red gerbera daisies.  So elegant!

Now onto my favorite moment of the day…..Remember I mentioned Evan’s brother Colin?  Well Colin is crazy talented, witty, and soooo nice….his role in the wedding was to play the guitar and sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  He was extremely nervous!!!! So nervous that during the ceremony he kinda slipped it up….everyone told him that they didn’t even notice, but you could tell it was really bothering him.  Just then, Sarah and Evan walked in and we made Colin do it over again.  It was so beautiful….this was probably the 3rd or 4th time I cried.

The following photo is of the crazy-fun wedding party.  We went to a nearby park and had a blast walking up a concrete ditch, complete with flash strobes and stands….I love that they were totally up for anything!

All in all, for our first wedding shot together, Marc and I couldn’t have picked a nicer, sweeter couple…..Thank you Evan and Sarah for allowing us to share in your beautiful day.

a few of my favorites….

June 13, 2010

Sometimes people ask if I have a favorite photo.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I must say these three are a few of my favorites.  The top photo is a gentleman that I met while shooting downtown.  My friend Marc had seen Norman a few months prior and I fell in love with his photo, so needless to say when I say Norman, I just had to get his photo.  As I walked up to him, he saw my camera and smiled and said….”Oh, there’s the people with the cameras”  I didn’t have a lot of time to shoot this and after I did, I looked at the back of my camera and smiled.  I was happy.  Ever since then, if I see Norman around town….I stop and always give him money, I figure it’s the least I can do since he was so kind to pose for me.
The second photo is of my favorite girl, my Goddaughter.  Ever since the day she was born, I have fallen head over heels in love with her.  She amazes everyday.  She is smart, sensitive, cute, silly, crazy, funny, loving, gorgeous….but then again, I might be biased.  She does not, however, like her photo taken most of the time.  Usually I have to bribe her with treasures and am only able to get 1 or 2 shots.  Since she can count, she now knows that 2 shots is only 2 shots and not 15.

And lastly, the last one was taken while my flickr friends and I were shooting downtown.  He was also kind enough to pose for us, and if you were a passerby you would think he was a celebrity.  Imagine 15 + cameras pointed to him and flashes going off.